Route Maps – Walking (Pilot)

Welcome to the Hub’s route map library! With help from our guided walk leaders, we’ve compiled our favourite routes from all over the Stockton borough. You can view these on a computer, or open them on your phone through the Google Maps app and follow the route while you’re walking.

How to use the maps

All of the routes are complete loops, which means you can join the route at any point, and there are no specific start and end points. Each route is shown in a different colour, and clicking on the route will show more information about it, such as the distance or type of terrain.

The top left button opens a sidebar which allows you to show/hide individual routes, and switch between satellite and map view. Clicking the top right button opens it in Google Maps on your computer, and the Google Maps app on your phone.

When using the Maps app on your phone, you can follow the line while you’re out walking, but you can’t get step-by-step directions. As long as you keep the blue dot (your location) on the line you won’t go wrong!

Ingleby Barwick