Wheels on Wednesday

09:30am Wednesday morning at the Hub

Wheels on Wednesdays (WOW) is the Hub’s most advanced ride and typically covers 20 to 30 miles in around 2 hours. WOW aims to increase participants confidence at cycling on the road network. We encourage on road cycling because whilst there is a great deal of good cycling infrastructure in Stockton, it can get a little repetitive taking the same handful of routes every week.  Plus the cycle network doesn’t link to everywhere you might want to go, so confidence riding on the road is invaluable in making more of your short journeys by bike. There will of course be more road use involved in these rides though there will, as always, be a marshal at the front and rear ready to deal with any traffic or punctures.

We do recommend that you be confident at riding on cycle paths before joining this ride and ask that you have participated in at least one of Thursday’s ‘Pedal On’ Rides before stepping up to WOW (There is also of the option of taking our half-day Bikeability courses for gaining that confidence).  As usual bikes & helmets will be available from the Hub free of charge.

*Ride may be altered to 11am during the winter to avoid any early morning frost if expected, please take a look at the Facebook Group below for details*

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