Hub Weekend Rides

Below are the details for the Weekend Guided Rides 2017.  All our weekend rides meet at the Hub unless stated otherwise, when they do start at the Hub, loan bikes & helmets will be free to loan.  Please aim to be at the meeting point 5 minutes before the start time so that forms can be filled in and the ride leader can brief you on any specifics of the ride.  All rides are fully risk assessed and marshalled, with the marshalls all capable of dealing with any mechanical problems that may arise, and the ride leaders all first aid trained.  Please bring appropriate clothing for the weather, whilst we leave no-one behind, it is unfair on other riders if you have to turn back early due to a bad choice of clothing.

You can find an electronic copy of the 2017 brochure here: 2017 flyer email version 3.0

*Please note details are subject to change, so please keep an eye on our website, facebook and twitter especially on the morning of the ride in case of a cancellation.


Cycle Sisters (CS) – Ladies only rides

Easy Riders (Easy) – Short rides; great for new or returning cyclists

Pedal On – Slightly longer versions of the Easy Riders, same gentle pace.

HUB Rides – Fully supported rides for all abilities.

Grade 1 – Relaxed, easy going and led at a slow pace on reasonably flat ground.  Ideal for a family with small children or someone who is returning to cycling.

Grade 2 – Moderately paced on flat or slightly hilly ground.  Ideal for someone returning to cycling or who likes to take time to chat and enjoy the views.

Grade 3 – More challenging with slightly quicker pace and longer routes (although no-one gets left behind!)  May also include some hills.

Grade 4 – The Hub’s most challenging rides.  Distances over 35 miles with hills.  For confident cyclists and over 16s only.


  1. Sunday 19th – Airport Flyer / 10:30am Hub / [Hub] 19.5 miles Grade 3


  1. Sunday 2nd – Sedgefield Spinner / 10:30am Hub / [Hub] 30 miles Grade 3
  2. Saturday 8th – Billie Fleming Birthday Tribute Ride / 10:00am Aldi, Yarm / [CS]  40 miles Grade 3
  3. Sunday 23rd – 11:00am Hub / [Easy] Grade 1


  1. Saturday 6th – Preston Park Pedlar/ 11:00am Hub / [Easy] Grade 1
  2. Saturday 20th – Beryl Burton Birthday Tribute Ride / 10am Aldi, Yarm / (CS) 20 miles  Grade 3


  1. Saturday 10th – Ropner Park / 11:00am Hub / [Pedal On] 13 miles Grade 2
  2. Sunday 25th – Stokesley Circular / 10:00am Romano Park, Ingleby Barwick / [CS] 21 miles Grade 3


  1. Saturday 8th – Hutton Rudby / 10:30am Hub / [Hub] 24 miles Grade 3
  2. Saturday 22nd – WW2 Trivia Ride Middlesbrough/ 10:30am Hub /  [Hub] 16 miles Grade 2


  1. Sunday 6th – Ropner Round / 11:00am Hub / [Hub] 7 miles Grade 1
  2. Sunday 13th – Hub, Hemlington & Hilton/ 10:30am Hub / [Hub] 19 miles Grade 3


  1. Sunday 10th – Western Villages / 10:30am Hub CANCELLED
  2. Saturday 16th – Great Ayton / 10:00am Myton House Farm Pub, Ingleby Barwick / [CS] 20 miles Grade 3 CANCELLED


  1. Saturday 7th – The ‘All in Pink’ Charity Ride meets ‘All in Blue’ Charity Ride (Come in a Pink or Blue Outfit).  Highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Prostate Cancer UK / 10:00am Aldi, Yarm / [CS] 23 miles Grade 3
  2. Sunday 22nd – Routes to Roots and Whitecastles Ride / 10:30am Preston Park Museum / [Hub] 25 miles Grade 3


  1. Sunday 5th – Loop the Tees / 10:30am Yarm Town Hall / [Hub] 24 miles Grade 3 


  1. Sunday 10th – Christmas Cracker.  Christmas themed fancy dress very easy guided ride up and down the river.  Free presents & mince pies / 11:00am Hub / [Hub] Grade 1