Free Evening Maintenance Courses

While the monthly 1/2 day Maintenance Courses are very popular (for more information see here), we regularly encounter the same two problems.  The first being that many people aren’t free to attend on a weekday morning.  The second, that we get a large range of abilities on the courses.  Some people just want to know how to change a flat tyre, some are interested in fine tuning their gears.  Those with some experience, are left twiddling thumbs during tyre replacement and those with no knowledge are overloaded with information on Barrel Adjusters.  So we’ve split the original course into two;

Puncture Repair Gears & Brakes
  • Removing & Re-installing back wheels
  • Ensuring a wheel is inserted straight
  • Puncture Repair
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Caring for your bike
  • Correct use of Quick Release levers
  • Gears set-up (barrel adjusters, limit screws, Front mech positioning)
  • Chain stretch & effects on the drivetrain
  • Brake adjustment (Barrel adjusters, spring tension screws, brake block replacement)

The courses will be run monthly, generally on Thursday & Wednesday evenings at 18:00 at the Hub.  They are completely free and bikes to work on are supplied by the Hub, so you don’t risk knackering your means of getting home.  We’d welcome you to come down on your bike as we are a secure bicycle parking facility and if you’ve got any questions specific to your bike it’s best to have it available for us to look at.  There is parking available in the car park out the back if you require, though it is not free.

If you’d like to book onto the course please contact us at the details below.