Free Bike MOTs

We’re keeping Stockton rolling by running our free bicycle “MOT” service every Wednesday. Whether you’ve dusted off an old bike from the shed to some exercise, or you’re commuting every day and you’d like some peace-of-mind, we’ll give your ride a full health check and let you know how it’s doing. Drop your bike off in the morning and pick it up that afternoon.

The Bike MOT includes:

  1. A full check of the bicycle making sure that all parts are safe and working properly
  2. Brake and gear adjustments
  3. A check of the condition of the bike and a detailed report on what may need replacing either urgently or in the future

Please note that we won’t replace any bits, or install new parts onto your bike; this is not a replacement for a full service from your local bike shop. If your bike needs further work, we’ll give you some advice and tell you about the local bike shops available.

How to book:

Spaces are available every Wednesday, but you must book in advance. When you book, we’ll talk you through our safety procedures. There will be no person-to-person contact, and your bike will be disinfected before it’s given back to you.

To book a space, email us at

Please give your bike a quick clean before you drop it off. It makes it easier to carry out the checks and adjustments, as well as making it a lot easier to disinfect!