Hub M.O.T Service Gets The Green Light

Brian Elkin - case studyLeft: Brian proudly showing off his wheels to work.

Lollipop man Brian got in contact with us to share his satisfaction with his bike M.O.T performed by The Hub’s mechanics. Brian brought his bike in for some TLC following a discussion he had with a Hub volunteer who had passed Brian on duty. He said that “it’s like a new bike!”

Brian travels 2 miles between his home and work, 4 times a day by bike, so as to monitor the school crossing before and after school. He said that “by keeping me on my bike, I am able to make other people’s commute to school safe and possible!”

He continued to say that “without the bike I would have to walk or pay for the bus. I have knee trouble so walking would be a problem. I have also had my hip replaced and I don’t want to make my joints worse.”

As demonstrated by Brian, cycling offers an active, environmentally friendly, low-cost mode of transport as well as a physically low-impact form of exercise which is great for long term personal health and fitness!

Thanks for sharing your story Brian!