Bike Donations Appeal

Do you have a disused bike at the back of your garage? The Hub relies on donated bikes as part of a recycling programme which distributes bikes to asylum seekers and job seekers in Stockton.

Our experienced volunteers bring donated bikes back to life for the benefit of others to get practical use and enjoyment from. A bike can make a massive positive difference to somebody who finds themselves in transport poverty, or living on a tiny budget each week. Money can be saved instead of paying for buses, new job and training opportunities can be reached and the exercise is good for a person’s physical and mental health. If you have a disused bike, we would love to see it. Unfortunately we don’t have a vehicle to collect your bike but please call 01642 803441 and we will try and make arrangements if you are unable to drop it off yourself.


A donated bike ready for it’s final touches after getting new cables, some gear adjustment expertise and some kindly volunteered elbow grease!