Active Travel Tales – Highlights of the Month


Having not logged a blog in for a while I thought I would offer up some highlights from last month.

  1. In at number one was the 80 year old woman who decided to get straight back in the saddle with a Bikeability lesson after not cycling for decades! The lesson earnt her a Level 2 certificate, a lot of personal satisfaction, and the respect of instructor Brian! A great example of how cycling is an accessible form of exercise and enjoyment for people of all ages.
  2. Following closely behind was the reunion of two friends after a chance meeting on this month’s maintenance course. Graham and David knew each other when they were just 6 years old! The maintenance course was the first led by volunteer Chris and his students were all very satisfied with what they’d achieved.
  3. At number 3 was the ‘school day out’ organised by Maureen for her usual group of Stepping Out In Stockton walkers from Norton. A riverside walk, a stop at the Dinosaur Park, some fresh air, a drink stop and a bus journey under Maureen’s guidance led some of the walkers to suggest it was like going on a school trip! Safe to say Maureen has already had requests to think about another trip! The Stepping Out In Stockton Away Day walk to Bishop Auckland was another well attended walking trip.

My personal active travel highlight for the month was borrowing a fold-up bike to take on the train to London for the Bank Holiday weekend. I got a bit lost cycling from Kings Cross Station to the south of the river but this meant I went through Hyde Park for the first time! Over the weekend I saved over £20 on journeys by cycling instead of taking the tube or bus! A good weekend saving £s and burning the fat pounds!

Come and visit us in the pop-up marquee on the High Street this Friday 9th June for information of how to get involved with all of our free volunteer led activities. We will have a taster session ride and walk along the river. Walk at 11:30am – Ride at 14:00pm. See you there?!