The Weekly Blog – Active Travel Tales

Hello to all of you who have taken the time to read this first Sustrans’ Hub Blog!


The idea of this blog is to share as much of the fun and exciting news and stories from the past week – from member’s first outings to rides with a historical twist! If someone’s shorts rip, you’ll find out here.


As the new Project Officer at the Hub, and new to the area, I imagine I had a similar experience to any other new member to The Hub. I was sent out on rides, on unfamiliar roads, with the ‘Easy Riders’ group overseen by captain commitment Colin, an experienced Sustrans Volunteer. I was also put through my paces by another Volunteer stalwart, Brian, to certify myself as Bikeability trained. In reality it was never anything to be nervous about, however, the friendly atmosphere provided by the ride members and volunteers put me at ease instantly. I even got offered half a Rock cake in the café! What a nice bunch! Although like any group of people, I’m sure they would show their dark side if their beloved coffee stop was bypassed. The stop at Costa (other coffee and café’s are available) in Ingleby Barwick was a chance for everyone in the group to chat (through a mouth full of chocolate) with those they’d not been riding beside on the cycle paths.


The route took in the edges of Preston Park and also an unlikely stop at a small green square in the middle of a housing estate. Time team style leader Eric (he’s a local history enthusiast!) had a trick up his sleeve. A wee history talk about the Roman villa that we were standing on! A nice showcase of how cycling can broaden your horizons and knowledge of things above and beyond your 2 wheels. If history is your thing, then look out for more rides from The Hub later this year which will take in the history of the area during WWII. We wound back to the Hub to complete a gently paced and enjoyable ride, upon which, the group socialites headed off for another coffee on foot!

I put my bike to rest for the week but enjoyed meeting the steady stream of cyclists from the various Hub rides throughout the week. If you want more information about joining our rides and becoming a member of one our great groups then please follow the Facebook and Twitter links or contact us on the given phone numbers.

Until next week,