Hub, Hemlington & not Hilton; weekend ride.


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This Sunday we’ve got one of our longest serving guided rides, the Hub, Hemlington & Hilton.  Apart from this year, it has been given a bit of a twist by ride leader Ian, he’ll be reversing the route, cutting out the visit to Hilton village and adding a little change to the Tees river section at Middlesbrough.

Still only 19 miles with a little bit more exploring and a bit of the elevation taken out to make it easier.  This ride is graded as a 3 due to some steep banks and the number of miles covered.  However getting off to get up (and down) the hills is encouraged so don’t worry about that.  This is definitely one of the nicer grade 3s, probably straddling the line between grade 3 & grade 2.  As usual no-one is left behind, marshals are available to keep the ride safe and help across junctions, bikes and helmets are free to loan and mechanicals will be dealt with promptly.

So why not join us this weekend and make the most of this brilliant August weather?  Starts at 10:30am at The Hub in Stockton, should finish around 1pm.  please arrive a little earlier than the start time to hear the briefing and to get a bike loaned if you need.