World War 2 Trivia Guided Ride.

WW2 Trivia

Take the Pedal On! ride back through history on this informative, fun and often poignant trip. You will be rediscovering some of the history of Stockton and the surrounding areas during World War 2, some you might have heard of, some you certainly won’t. It will all be narrated  by Eric, in his unique style.

All in all it will be a friendly, informative and enjoyable ride for 16 miles, not to mention the obligatory Café stop, to chat about what you have seen and learnt, and ask questions of the ever erudite Eric.

The ride will begin from The Hub at 10:30am on Saturday 23rd and will take approx. 3hrs, arriving back at 13:30pm. As usual The Hubs bikes & helmets will be available, just turn up about 15 mins early to get kitted out. The ride will be fully marshalled by our team of excellent volunteers to guide you all safely.

So go on, take the ride and maybe learn something while getting healthy… Its a win win situation for all involved!