Free Bike Fixes; Norton, Roseworth & Newtown

This week we’ve got our once monthly community bike MOTs running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  If you’ve got a bike that’s not quite working right or it’s started making noises it shouldn’t, why not bring it down to our cycle mechanics and we’ll give it a full check over to make sure everything’s okay?

We can for Free:

  • Check the condition of the bike & let you know if anything needs replacing
  • Tweak gears
  • Re-setup brakes
  • Pump the tyres up
  • Set the bike up to be comfortable to ride
  • Advise on local routes and going for bike rides
  • Give advice on getting a new bike

MOTs are held at:

  1. St Michael’s Church, Imperial Av – 2pm Tuesday 3rd
  2. Redhill Children’s Centre – 12:30pm Wednesday 4th
  3. Newtown Resource Centre – 2pm Thursday 5th

Hope to see you there!