Roseworth Pramble


New Mothers/Fathers or Grandparents!  Tomorrow, why not join us for a walk in Roseworth with the little ones in their pushchairs?

  • Will help to get the little ones to sleep after their lunch and if not, just being outdoors should help with sleeping later
  • You’ll get a little fitter and it’s a great opportunity to de-stress
  • You’ll sleep better that evening
  • Walking burns as many calories as running, distances being equal
  • Won’t disrupt the school run or leave you feeling tired and aching for the rest of the day

The walk is a collaboration by both Hub and Redhill staff and will be fairly brisk but will only last 30 minutes.  Fast enough to get the blood pumping and to keep the legs warm, but not too long that beginners should be put off getting involved.

Due to start at Redhill Children’s Centre (round the back of Roseworth Library) at 1pm, Thursday afternoon

Would love to see you there!