Commuting in the Snow

So the amount of snow caught a lot of commuters out this morning!

If you’re a hardy soul and are intent on cycling through it.  Then please consider sticking to the main roads instead of the usual cycle paths.  In snowy & icy conditions the cycle paths can be treacherous, they are often the last places to be gritted.  This means that any snow is slow to melt and any ice underneath is the same.  Particularly dangerous areas are tight turns and areas that are under shade.  So take a minute to think whether there is a better route available.  This is even more important the earlier in the morning you’re travelling.

When conditions are challenging like this, every driver is concentrating and takes very few risks, so it can be a safer time to use the roads.  Just make sure you set off early as there’s likely to be a good amount of slow moving traffic.  You may even find that you’re overtaking cars and that you’ll be faster on a bike than you would have been in a car!

For handling the bike;

  • favour your rear brake (usually left hand side lever), a sliding back wheel is a little scary but you will most likely stay on the bike, a sliding front wheel however, will very quickly put you face down on the asphalt
  • Make sure you aren’t braking whilst turning the bike, brake in straight lines before the corner!
  • Just like driving a car use a harder gear to pedal than usual, this will help with traction
  • & consider letting your tyres down a bit to give more grip.

If you’re a little unsure of riding on the roads then get in touch (details at the bottom of the page).  We’re continuing our FREE Adult Bikeability Training for Stockton residents.  Much the same as the old cycling proficiency we’ll take you out and show you how to correctly cycle on the roads safely and with confidence.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself.  The feeling of ice cold air in your lungs and the sound of the snow crunching underneath you.  These conditions only come once a year, so enjoy the challenge!

Thanks to Anthony Robson and for the image, the original can be found here.


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