Free Cycle Maintenance, Redhill Children’s Centre, 2pm, Tuesday

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’re continuing our community cycle repairs we started again last week.  Starting at 2pm in the car park round the back of Redhill Children’s Centre/Roseworth Library (next to Roseworth shops).  We’ll check your bike over, tune the gears and brakes and let you know on the safety and the wear & tear with a small report.  All of this is provided completely free of charge!  But please, if you’re going to be turning up after 2:30pm then please give Chris a ring on 07826897065.

*Please note, the gates to the car park at Redhill are currently closed to motor traffic.  This is due to construction work being undertaken on the building, please don’t be put off, there is still pedestrian access down the side of the gates.

Also tomorrow, we’ve got our weekly walk heading out from Kiora Hall (Roseworth) at 10am, why not pop down, get some gentle exercise and meet some new faces?