Carole’s North Sea Cycle Route (Part 3)

We’re back with an update following one of our great volunteers Carole, as she rides the North Sea Cycle Route from her home in Yarm to as far as she can go in Scandinavia, a route that will encompass 4,000 miles!  Carole is raising money for both Sustrans & the Royal National Institute of the Blind & has been very diligent in keeping her Facebook feed updated with all the adventures & mishaps that inevitably occur when you cycle across a continent.  So we’re going to be summarising what’s been going on with Carole so that a larger audience can see how exciting and fun travelling by bike can be.

So, Carole disappeared with her updates for a bit other than meeting up with a friend and some random photos being uploaded.  So…

Heart shaped trees11536036_10203604215259748_6018786060861209402_n

A port…

11407285_10203604238660333_102395787818336857_nAnd a sad rainy day with the last of the emergency chocolate eaten

11401429_10203605600494378_5819163164587016332_nBut then we have an update!

18th June – Carole is now in Germany and making her way along the Northern coast towards the border with Denmark.  After spending the night in Dangast with some friends from home, Carole is sad to have to carry on her journey without them and heads to pickup a ferry to Bremerhaven.  She then cycles to Cruxhaven where hail stones force her into a hotel for the night.  135km (about 90 mile) done that day.

19th June – Crossing the Elbe, Carol had to contend with the dreaded cobbles today.

10460275_10203626444855474_3632499641374564901_nShe passed a sailor’s wedding, and spent the day keeping up with a German couple who unbeknownst to Carole had electric motors installed.  Finding a room for the night was difficult with a nuclear convention being held in the local area.  Though Carole did manage to find one.

22nd June – A lack of wifi means we skip a few days.  Staying at a campsite in Busum (still in Germany) Carole takes to working on her gearing as she’s got some hills coming up that will require all of her gears, unlike Holland where she needed about 3.  She was successful in this (well trained you see) but her bell has also stopped working.  This is followed by the worlds biggest hot dogs, conversations over schnapps with German pilots about “The War” and cups of tea made with a stopwatch.  She worryingly comes across a sign directing to England 1.2km.  1891199_10203642607979542_7262750034351200826_nNext stop Denmark.

23rd June – After trying to follow the official DK1 route that runs the coast of Denmark Steve (the bike) declares he’s not a mountain bike and throws a hissy fit.  Not looking so good after this many miles now, so Carole pops him in for a service at a local bike shop.  Quite the professional service as well; 8 full time mechanics and hydraulic lift stations for each one plus, complimentary cappuccino while you wait.

11261793_10203648660450850_2200176414570999609_n24th June 

“Well I reckon if you put your hand in the scrabble bag, randomly pulled 5-15 letters out, took most of the vowels out you could come up with the name of a Danish town!”

A tough day in the saddle brings only 40 miles but over some marvelous isolated terrain.

10403203_10203652401664378_7796013919996741709_n 11230972_10203652402184391_6427524785244780729_n 11659309_10203652402384396_7696505443843883149_n

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