Carole’s North Sea Cycle Adventure (Part 2)

We’re back with an update following one of our great volunteers Carole,as she rides the North Sea Cycle Route from her home in Yarm to as far as she can go in Scandanavia, a route that will encompass 4,000 miles!  Carole is raising money for both Sustrans & the Royal National Institute of the Blind & has been very diligent in keeping her Facebook feed updated with all the adventures & mishaps that inevitably occur when you cycle across a continent.  So we’re going to be summarising what’s been going on with Carole so that a larger audience can see how exciting and fun travelling by bike can be.

ferry9th June – Carole sets sail.  Carole headed onto a ferry to take her across the North Sea to the Hook of Holland (near Rotterdam).

10th June – Carole on the Continent.  Carole is of course met by a block headwind once she arrives and has clearly given up on correcting the spell check on her phone (we’ve all been there).

“I here with Andover head wind! Hrrrrrr”

Keeping the mileage up (around 50) Carole battled the headwind but has already got a good impression of the cycle infrastructure in Holland.  Finishing up on the other side of Haarlem.

cycle path 2

cycle path









June 11th – Carole get’s a tan.  The headwind is still against her but the suns out and so, so are the legs.  Keeping the morale up.

“Though for a quarter of a roundabout I felt the breeze behind me….so good!”

June 12th & 13th – Sand Paths & Black Cats.  Finally a tailwind!  Carole now gets to cruise at 17mph along cycle paths that she’s now confusing with roads.  A stop off at a campsite on the night of the 12th means no internet and no update.

The next day brings an art gallery as a welcome distraction.  Towards the end of the day several sand pits have to be traversed, with the inevitable near destruction of bike parts. Carole uses the last of her water to clean up as best she can.  Keep an eye on that chain and brake blocks!  On the bright side we seem to still have all the kit we left with!


Black Cat








Apparently black cats have been a theme of the trip so far, with frequent crossings in front of Carole as she’s motoring along.  There’s even a sign, warning of the hazard.  No, I don’t understand either.  Carole treats herself to a B&B for the night, where she’s trusted to look after the place while the owners go out.

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