Puncture Repair in Stockton-on-Tees

The Hub, Active Travel Centre in Stockton-on-Tees is happy to report that if you’re out on your bike round Stockton Borough you can now pop into your local library to repair a puncture!  This service has been provided in Stockton town centre for many years now by the Hub.  We’ve now stretched that facility out to the local libraries of Stockton borough, just ask the reception at the below libraries:

  • Billingham Library
  • Norton Library
  • Roseworth Library
  • Thornaby Library
  • Yarm Library

The kit provided includes:

  • a track pump for inflating tyres
  • a puncture repair kit for patching the inner tube (instructions provided inside)
  • tyre levers for removing the tyre & punctured inner tube
  • a multi-tool & adjustable spanner for adjusting and tightening the various nuts & bolts on a bike.

Please note, there are no spare inner tubes for sale in the libraries, you should carry one with you but if not you can always purchase one from one of the many local bike shops in Stockton or from the Hub itself.

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