Stockton-on-Tees #6 Best Places to Live

Our very own Stockton-on-Tees has been awarded 6th in the Best Places to Live in England & Wales put together by the Independent newspaper.  It’s great to hear some more positive news about the borough and it’s residents following on from the Positively Stockton (PSST) campaign.  This is probably not something Love Productions would be showing with their upcoming Benefits Street.  We know which version of Stockton we’d prefer to believe!

The decision was based on 5 categories; Income, Economic Activity, Homeownership, Crime & Health that places were given a rank for based on official figures.  These 5 categories then made up an overall figure.  You can see Stockton’s figures below from the original article.

Overall rank: #6
Income rank: #168
Economic activity rank: #20
Home ownership rank: #295
Crime rank: #698
Health rank: #29

So well done Stockton!

Infinty Bridge Psst