First Weekend Guided Ride 2015

The Hub is very happy to announce that our first Weekend Guided Ride will be heading out on Sunday 1st March!  Meeting at the Hub at 10:30, the ride will be heading along the river Tees to Middlesbrough then up through the town centre, then Albert Park and through to Hemlington Lake for a quick snack stop.  Continuing on over to Maltby, Hilton and back through Ingleby Barwick.  19 miles in all, at a steady pace with several marshals to make sure no-one gets left behind, traffic crossings are conducted safely and any punctures or mechanical issues are dealt with promptly.  There’s no need to book on just be here at the hub at 10:30 though if you haven’t been before you will have to fill in one of our membership forms which only takes 2 minutes.

The ride is classed as a Grade 3 and we will have guided ride leaflets for the rest of year ready to hand out at the Hub.

With thanks to jcbkc picture taken from: