Wheels on Wednesdays

For 2015 the Hub will be launching a 4th weekday guided ride.  Wheels on Wednesdays will be starting from the Hub at 09:30 every Wednesday.  The ride will be ran by one of our volunteers Vicki who has been riding regularly on all of our other weekday rides for just under a year now.  Vicki would like to increase our members confidence at cycling on the road network.  Whilst there is a a great deal of good cycling infrastructure in Stockton, it can get a little repetitive taking the same handful of routes every week.  So Vicki has selected some routes that are roughly 10-15 miles long (with a cafe stop included) and last for about 2 -2 ½ hours.  Being able and confident to ride on the roads opens up a whole new range of places to travel to and cafes to visit, plus it also takes you one step closer to using cycling as a means of transport rather than just as exercise & recreation.

The first ride is scheduled for Wednesday 4th March and is open to all, though we do recommend that you be confident at riding on cycle paths before joining this ride (see one of our many other rides or one of our Bikeability courses for gaining that confidence).  As usual bikes & helmets will be available from the Hub free of charge.