Hub International

This week one of our volunteers Yvonne, gave us an update on one of the outreach programmes that her friends run in Tanzania.  In Yvonne’s own words

“Hi Chaps,

A while ago I was on the cadge for any old mountain bike wheels and tyres. These were needed by some friends of mine (Pat and Steve,volunteers in the NYMNP) who do a lot of good work, via their Rotary Club, out on Tanzania. Every couple of years they organise for a container loaded with essential supplies, to be shipped out to Tanzania. They go out there when the shipment is due and set to doing all manner of things to help a community of albinos, who are shunned by much of society.

As you will be aware, collecting and transporting clean water is a horrendous problem in many developing countries, as is gathering firewood. Steve hit on the idea of making hand carts, using mountain bike wheels, as a sustainable way of moving these valuable commodities. He left money to pay a local blacksmith to make a hand cart, and here is a photograph of the finished article! Paul will recognise those tyres! Steve said that those patterned tyres would go down well in Africa – he was right!

There are plans to make more hand carts, using the other wheels which we gave them.

You see, the Hub’s sphere of influence now includes East Africa!”

Fantastic work by fantastic people, thanks Yvonne, Steve & Pat.