Yorkshire Festival Ghost Peloton.

Hawes to Thwaite with light streaks small

As part of the Yorkshire Festival Sustrans are supporting the Ghost Peloton.

Ghost Peloton is an exciting opportunity for cyclists to be part of this once in a lifetime experience to celebrate the Grand Départ and the spirit of the Tour de France in Yorkshire.

This exciting participatory public artwork produced by NVA and Phoenix Dance Theatre features illuminated riders and dancers in beautiful, choreographed patterns of light.

We seeking to engage 50 experienced cyclists who will work closely with our Cycle Leaders and Creative Team, taking part in technical and dress rehearsals before the performance dates. Selected cyclists will become an illuminated peloton team, representing Yorkshire, and committing to regular practice sessions and two live performances in central Leeds.

To be part of this one-off opportunity to explore the creative potential of road cycling as one of our riders, you must be able to attend all rehearsal and performance dates, and meet our cyclist requirements. Please read the detailed term and conditions and bike specification document that outlines information you will be required to include in your application, and once you’re sure you can join the Ghost Peloton, complete the online application form www.nvaspeedoflight.org.uk/ghostpeloton