Top tips for cycling on ice

  • icyReconsider your route. Sometimes a gritted busier road is better than an icy quiet road.
  • Leave extra time to cycle more cautiously.
  • Maximise contact. Slick & lightly treaded tyres have more contact on the road than knobblies.
  • Fitting a wider tyre and/or reducing tyre pressure will increase road contact.
  • In snowy conditions a treaded tyre or even a lightly knobbed tyre will give extra grip.
  • Change your SPD pedals for flatties to buy you some ‘get out of jail’ time if things go wrong.
  • Lower your saddle slightly to lower your centre of gravity and make you more stable.
  •  Dropping the saddle also makes it easier to get your feet down flat on the road should you suddenly need to use God’s stabilisers.
  •  Avoid puddles that may hide potholes or other road hazards.
  • Be aware of train tracks, road plates & drains which can be icy when other road surfaces are not.
  • When you’re on the ice, steer straight, keep pedaling slowly to keep traction, and try not to brake as this could cause you to skid and fall.