The Hub’s Winter Cycling Tips

Preparation is key:

  • Make sure you have a good waterproof and you keep it in your bag/pannier at all times.
  • Wear lots of warm layers – remember cycling keeps you warm so you want to be able to remove individual layers.
  • Mudguards will prevent your clothes from getting dirty.
  • Stand out in the dark, wear high visibility gear at night and use your lights.
  • Remember to lubricate your chain more often in winter.
  • Remember it takes longer to stop in the winter so put your brakes on earlier.
  • Remember to keep your tyres pumped up to the optimum inflation so that you are less likely to get a puncture, (the rain makes punctures more likely as twigs etc. stick to your tyres).
  • Always carry a spare inner tube and the tools necessary to change it in case you do get a puncture.
  • Remember to clean and dry off your bike when you are putting it away so it doesn’t go rusty.
  • Check tyres, chain and brakes regularly and park your bike out of the elements as much as possible.